Ashuelot River Park

157 acre park including the Ashuelot River and adjoining wetlands
The main trail along the east side of the river begins at the West Street Entrance. The pathextends north to the bike trail near the Route 9 bypass. At that point you can cross the bike path bridge and follow a much smaller trail along the west bank of the river north to the Tanglewood Estates trailer court or follow the paved bike path which continues on to Wheelock Park. The park was newly landscaped and rededicated in 1996. 
Memorial cobblestones are available for a donation of $50 each.  For more information, please click here
To get there: Heading away from downtown Keene on West Street, pass the Colony Mill Marketplace on your left. Turn right at the next stoplight to park at the main entrance. You can also enter the park from the bike path between Wheelock Park and Court Street.
Maintained by the City of Keene Parks and Recreation Department


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