How to Use Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner?

It can be so great to have an aquarium. However, cleaning it can be a hassle.

Especially if you don’t really have the time to clean a large aquarium. Something that you can use, that not many people know about, is the aquarium vacuum cleaner.

How to use aquarium vacuum cleaner?

This is a great, easy and efficient way of cleaning your aquarium without stressing the fish out too much. People are unsure about how to use the vacuum cleaner correctly.

This is why this guide will be so helpful for many aquarium owners.

It is a simple process

The great thing about the aquarium vacuum cleaner is the fact that this is a simple process. You don’t need to worry about doing it wrong.

As long as you know the steps of using the vacuum correctly, and if you know that you should watch out for vacuuming the fish out as well, you will be able to do this fast and effective.

People are afraid to use the vacuum cleaner because they don’t want to damage their fish. But, if you know exactly what the vacuum is, you might be surprised about how easy it can get cleaned with the vacuum.

Things that you need for the vacuum cleaner

You don’t really need to purchase a lot of things in order to start using the vacuum cleaner. There are only a couple of things that you should need.

The first thing is the aquarium vacuum cleaner. You can purchase this at any given pet shop or fish store. It isn’t expensive and can be used in any type of aquarium where you have gravel in.

The second thing that you need to have is an empty bucket. It is preferable if you are making use of a large bucket. The water of the tank is going to flow into the bucket, so how larger, the better.

How to use the vacuum cleaner?

Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner Using

You are putting the vacuum’s back end into the large bucket on the floor. The other point you are pressing against the gravel.

Now, you are using an up and down motion to suck out all the dirt with the water into the bucket. You should be careful of small fish and that you don’t take out too much water at a time.

When the water is clear, you are throwing away the bucket of water and pour new water at the right temperature back into the fish tank again. You need to remember that taking all the water out of the aquarium isn’t recommended. You might make your fish sick.

If you are taking forever to clean your aquarium, then you have wasted your own time. There are many ways that you can clean your aquarium more effectively and faster.

How to use a gravel vac to vacuum your aquarium (Video guide)

One of these methods is if you are using an aquarium vacuum cleaner for cleaning the gravel in the aquarium. You don’t need to take out the fish or struggle for hours to get rid of the dirt between the gravel.